Spice up your life!

Our everyday lives are filled with creative moments. We just have to explore beyond our boundaries and allow ourselves to be open to new possibilities. There are times that we get bored with our daily mundane and routine lives. Maybe its about time to commit to change and reach out to that creative spark within us. All of us have this inside us, we are just too content with what the ordinary life is giving us. Creative people live life differently, they go beyond routine and conventional means.

Like in the case of wrapping a simple gift, we can make it more interesting if you add in a personal touch. During my younger days I remember that I get so excited when I see gifts, its not because of what is inside the box but what is covering it. All these colored wrapping papers and fancy ribbons delights my visual senses. I will always admire how a gift was beautifully wrapped.



Creative people makes life more exciting, interesting, special, meaningful and memorable with just a touch of their creativity. They get inspirations everywhere, like in nature, the internet, books, television and also other people. Just look around you. We can be great artists, talented musicians, or even good cooks. We can transform a simple meal to a work of art if we only learn to get in touch with that creative side. Being creative doesn’t need to be expensive, we can start from recycling, restoring, reinventing just like with old clothes, left over food, an old furniture piece that you are thinking of throwing away. So lets celebrate life and get creative..

Van Leeuwen

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Learning to love again

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Moonlight shining on a desert sky. Hearts are calling way up from a high. Now my journey has come to an end, learning to love again. Casting my fears away, Never will go astray. I’m ready to love again..ooh feel … Continue reading

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Celebrate life..Get CREATIVE !!

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